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Our mission.

We are geared towards raising a generation that is equipped with tools to transcend their challenging environments.


Smart Kingdom Kids Academy is an organization focusing on the inherent creativity of each individual. We believe everyone was created with the potential to achieve great things, especially when they are developing in an environment that stimulates their creativity. 

Our academy strives to create an environment that gives and opportunity to children and parents on the Cape Flats to be taught, nurtured and trained in a stream of possibilities and expose them to a different way of thinking about themselves and their skills; therefore ensuring good success!

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Well Trained Professionals
Awesome Infra-Structure
International Lesson Patterns

Course Instructors

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Alice Bohm

Health, Life Skills

Grom Frog

Computer Skills, Health

James Doe

Health, Life Skills

Emily Backham

Math, Science

Jenny Helton

Computer Skills, Life Skills

Amy Adams

Language Arts, Life Skills

Phill Rose

Maths, Arts

Jack Daniel

Language Art, Math

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